About Game

Puppies Out! tells the story of a group of puppy dogs living in a vibrant, ideal fantasy world where running is the way to go. In their super cute imaginary town, our Puppies face tough obstacles and challenges, which make the player want to dig more and more into what is coming next?

Puppies Out! can be easily classified as one of the top iPhone games for kids and adults out there. This free endless running game App oozes with cuteness, yet its creation is the result of a well conceived idea and a professional effort.

Puppies Out! indeed stands out from the crowd for its simple yet engaging design and its array of interesting features.

In Puppies Out! points are represented by Golden Coins, the more you gain, the more you are closer to victory!

Some of its additional features include:

  • A full 3D landscape
  • An outstanding visual interface from different camera angles
  • 21 cute puppies as playable characters to choose from
  • Increasing obstacles and level difficulty
  • The chance to run and race through 5 levels in the form of  residential areas, grass areas, bridges, alleys and rivers.

Fun upgrades become available as you play: grab yourself some Magnetic Collars, Shields, Jet Packs, Mystery Boxes, Frisbees and Dog Food to boost your chances to become a top player.

Make your progress go further by collecting life-saving Silver Bones and challenge yourself, get your hands on the precious Golden Bones!

Puppies Out! can be shared on Facebook and offers rewards for those who share the App on social media: get rewarded with the Lives and bonuses as you play!